Hard Knox - Bluegrass Band
For those of you not regularly on facebook, Mike Updike wrote the following:
Special thanks to Brenda Lawson and the John Hutchinson family of Amelia Family Campground who put on the Annual Bluegrass Fan Appreciation/Christmas Party last night... Brenda, who hosts Bluegrass Express "Sweet Brenda & Him" Show on 93.5 FM Bobcat served as EmCee and Host for the eight bands who provided excellent BG...
and Gospel music to the over-flowing crowd at the Campground Pavillion. Among the groups, Hard Knox, Sassafras Warthogs, Highway 249 and Dixie Ridge. Hard Knox was particularly entertaining with their tight harmonies and highly varied repertoire. One recent review of Hard Knox compared the group to The Grascals based on their on-stage antics and audience-prarticipation. Chris Rose, Joe Mastrangelo and Bob Burrows capture the essence of traditional Bluegrass mixing in songs ranging from Eric Clapton to their own original material. Good to see Bud Finch, Dickie Richard Cannon and dozens of other good Bluegrass folks, Thanks again, Brenda!
Tidewater Bluegrass Music Association Tribune Newsletter, (TBMA), Ltd. Editor Bill Maddrey said:
"Hard Knox, a Bluegrass Band with whom every TBMA Member is familiar has released its new project called “Who I Am”, pictured here. Your editor (me) was afforded a preview copy to enjoy. The recordis outstanding I truly admire the vocal harmonies, some of which are a cappella, which are tight and their voices blend very well. The tracks on the album include three original compositions by Bob Burrows, Chris Rose and Joe Mastrangelo. The Title Track, “Who I am”, “Rock Bottom Blues” and “Ordinary Man” are those three original compositions. All three resonated with me personally. The other tracks - and, there are nine - are also great Bluegrass tunes; some modern some not quite so modern. Some even ‘translated’ from other genres of music. There is an appearance of Tammy Wright with Joe (lead vocal) as a tenor harmony vocalist in the outstanding rendition of “If It Hadn’t Been For Love”. Other tracks on the album are “Lonesome Pine”, “Three Rusty Nails” (and an old Dogwood Tree), “Wonderful To-night”, “Through The Window Of A Train”, “Mary Ann”, “Matterhorn”, “The Healing Kind” and “Fire On The Mountain”."
Smithfield Times said:
"Hard Knox, Bluegrass with an Edge"
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